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Just a few of our thousands of customers

In partnering with OneSky, was able to find a solution that encouraged integration with their own tools, in-house translators, and external developer/translation agencies from around the world.


Languages translated on tight schedule


Downloads of localized apps in 1 month


New users every day during tournament

Smallpdf offered its services in 17 languages at this point, catering to large followings in Asia, Europe and the Latin markets. Because of this, localization was of utmost importance to efficiently deliver updates to users. Before adopting OneSky, Smallpdf relied on freelance translators, which often hindered implementation due to several reasons.


Languages &used all over the world


Organic search traffic +3.5M new users per month


Effort fortranslation saved

Founded in 2014, journi is a travel app that help users quickly organize their vacation photos and turn them into beautiful stories and photo books, which can then be shared with family and friends. Using the app, users can automatically build a rich and meaningful story out of 500 photos in as little as 90 seconds! Since launch, journi has been downloaded almost 1 million times. Localized in over 80 markets, journi is one of the most popular travel apps in Europe.

~1 Million



Localized markets

By partnering with OneSky, TrekkSoft was able scale efficiently and effectively. OneSky's integration and technical expertise in handling different localization file formats allowed them to reduce engineering overhead and time, while our domain knowledge helped them connect with a global audience in the tourism industry. Trekksoft now serves customers from 125 countries in over 13 languages.


Languages and growing


Countries served


for seamless localization

By using OneSky’s platform, Edmodo was able to seamlessly translate 90% of its top-tiered markets in just days. Edmodo was able to increase their platform's reach by 4x. In addition to this, OneSky was also able to free up almost 99% of Edmodo’s engineering resources, allowing them to focus on other critical business issues.


of engineering effortssave


increase in products' reachin just 2 months

> 90%

of most important marketstranslated in only days