AI Beta Program Terms

The "AI Beta Program Terms" detailed here are supplementary to the existing OneSky Terms of Service, specifically designed to govern your involvement in the OneSky AI Beta Program. This program introduces AI-powered features and functions to its participants. Definitions applied within these AI Beta Program Terms are consistent with those outlined in the original agreement.

Incorporating the OneSky Privacy Policy by reference, these AI Beta Program Terms also include any elements not specifically covered, ensuring a comprehensive governance framework.

Participation and Modification Rights

OneSky reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend or replace the AI Beta Program Terms and to alter, pause, or cease the AI Beta Program at any moment. This includes the right to adjust the availability of any particular feature, either by posting updates on the OneSky website or through direct communication via email. OneSky may also limit access to certain features or the entire AI Beta Program without prior notice. Regular review of the AI Beta Program Terms for any updates is your responsibility. Acceptance of these terms is indicated by your continued participation in the AI Beta Program. Access to and continued use of the OneSky AI Beta Program, or specific features therein, may necessitate additional fees.

The Role of AI

You may submit input for processing by OneSky AI and receive generated output. This input and output, your data, must comply with relevant laws. You are solely accountable for managing and utilizing your data. Given the probabilistic nature of machine learning, inaccuracies in the output may occur. It's crucial to assess the accuracy of any output, possibly incorporating human review, especially considering the rapid evolution within AI and machine learning fields.

Intellectual Property Rights

Ownership rights, including all intellectual property associated with the OneSky AI Beta Program, remain with us. Apart from the provided license, no additional rights are granted.

Usage Restrictions

Usage of OneSky AI is subject to restrictions, including prohibitions on developing competing models, misleading representations about the human origination of output, generating spam, and any use outside the licensed scope.

Integration with AI Service Providers

By participating in the OneSky Beta AI Program and utilizing OneSky AI, you recognize that OneSky utilizes a range of AI technologies to provide its features and capabilities. OneSky collaborates with various AI service providers, adhering to their policies and security guidelines to ensure the highest security levels.

Service Improvement

Our AI services are designed to enhance over time, addressing specific use cases more effectively. However, your data will not be used for model training without your consent. Content may be utilized to develop and improve our services according to the Terms of Service.

Processing of Personal Data

For input containing customer personal data, you grant OneSky permission to process this data for providing the AI Beta Program's functionality.