Edmodo success story

Edmodo Becomes Global Education Platform With 1% Engineering Effort Using OneSky’s Technical Solutions.

Edmodo’s mission is to change the way education is delivered and experienced around the world. The team has built the largest K-12 social learning network that connects students with teachers and allows them to collaborate outside of the classroom. Through Edmodo’s platform, students can easily exchange ideas, share content, access their homework, grades and school notices.


Of engineering effortssave


Increase in products' reachin just 2 months


Of most important marketstranslated in only days

OneSky helped us set up a system to manage our internationalization easily. This set the base for us to scale up and go big.

CTO & Co-founder, TrekkSoft

The Challenge

With over 28 million teachers and students on its platform, Edmodo has grown into a social learning network with a truly global footprint. As the company strived to support its non-English speaking communities, localization quickly became a top business priority. Before partnering with OneSky, Edmodo tried to build an internal system to manage the translation process. However, after building a system that was clunky and inefficient, the team quickly realized the task was too complex and wouldn’t get them to the traction they needed.

OneSky Solution

As Edmodo evaluated the different localization solutions to simplify their process, OneSky stood out for its technical integrations and support. With OneSky’s extensive technical file format support, Edmodo’s development team could upload their string files directly to the OneSky platform. Our system will then automatically parse the files and convert them into human-readable text on the platform, ready for translation.

The Results

By using OneSky’s platform, Edmodo was able to seamlessly translate 90% of its top-tiered markets in just days. In addition, within two months, the business impact was evident, as Edmodo increased the reach of its platform by 4X. Throughout this process, OneSky was also able to free up almost 99% of Edmodo’s engineering resources, allowing them to focus on other critical business issues.

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