TrekkSoft success story

OneSky’s Integrations and Quality Translations Help TrekkSoft Expand to 125 New Countries.

TrekkSoft Ltd is a software solution that allows tour operators worldwide to set up online booking and rental systems to effectively manage and market their bookings from any device. With TrekkSoft Ltd, tour operators gain a new sense of freedom by successfully scaling up their operations and receiving support from the Swiss-based team.


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OneSky helped us set up a system to manage our internationalization easily. This set the base for us to scale up and go big.

CTO & Co-founder, TrekkSoft

The Challenge

TrekkSoft Ltd. is a company from Switzerland. With four official languages and international customers, localization is a necessity rather than a luxury. As a bootstrapped startup without a significant budget for translations, TrekkSoft decided to leverage its passionate customer base to help translate its app. However, the team quickly realized that it was too difficult to efficiently manage all the translations without the right platform. Thus, TrekkSoft began to look for a solution that could help streamline the translation management process. TrekkSoft considered two alternate solutions but ultimately decided to partner with OneSky due to its efficient UI and competitive price point.

OneSky Solution

OneSky’s platform makes it easy for a first-time user to set up and manage a project. By using OneSky’s integrations, TrekkSoft was able to automate their end-to-end translation process. New and updated phrases were automatically imported to OneSky. In turn, our translators were informed of these changes and completed the translation using OneSky’s web-based translation tool. When the translations were completed, TrekkSoft’s engineers received the files automatically via integrations with their development environment. They could then easily update the multilingual versions of their app, with the translated strings properly formatted and already technically validated by OneSky’s platform.

The Results

By partnering with OneSky, TrekkSoft was able scale efficiently and effectively. Our integrations and technical expertise in handling different localization file formats helped them reduce engineering overhead and time while our domain knowledge helped them connect with a global audience in the tourism industry.

Trekksoft now serves customers from 125 countries in over 13 languages. As the company continues to grow internationally, the team will be looking to localize into even more languages.

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