Make translation management better with AI

We make everything from connecting tools, automating tasks, keeping data safe, and improving quality better for our AI-powered ViaCopilot translation service. Get ready for an easier and safer way to manage translations from start to finish with a best-in-class platform powered by the innovative capabilities of AI!

Workflow Automation

Our platform works smoothly with popular platforms through integrations and API, making the process of adapting your content for different languages automatic and hassle-free. This means you can easily connect it to the tools you already use, allowing for an effortless way to manage translations and bring your products or services to a global audience without extra work.

Content Formats Support

We handle a wide range of content types and string file formats, catering specifically to the needs of web, mobile, and gaming platforms. This includes support for app stores, iOS, Android, and major game engines like Unity and Unreal. By covering various formats and platforms, we provide a one-stop solution for translating and adapting your digital products.

Technical Validation

When you put translated text back into your app, OneSky AI helps keep your UI looking right. We check the translations to make sure nothing is missing, especially placeholders that are important for your app to work correctly. This means you don't have to worry about mistakes in the translated text messing up your app.

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